Frequently asked questions about ELECTRIC Scooters and BIKES


How long it will take to charge battery ?

Battery will be charged 80% less than Two Hours

Any Special Electrical Socket Required for Charging ?

Normal 5-Amp Socket is Sufficient to Charge Battery

I live in an Apartment I do not have any Charging Point near my parking area , How to Charge the Battery ?

Our Scooters comes with Removable Batteries which you can carry like a lunch box and charge at your Home / Office / Swap battery at Charging Stations* . Charging Stations are available across Chennai and Tamil Nadu

I'm a house wife I do not have driving Licence Can I ride Electric Scooter on Public Roads?

Yes , Our Safe Speed Series Scooters does not require any Driving License or Registration or Road Tax

I go to school by Bicycle , Can I ride electric Scooter ?

Yes , Its as easy as bicycle to drive our Safe speed Scooters , No License Required

I go office through city Traffic , I need more Speed any Models Available ?

Our High Speed Series Vehicles are designed to cater City Speed limits it can go up to 50 kmph , RTO Norms are applicable for High Speed Series